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  • Silent
  • Economic
  • Reduced CO2-emission
  • Reduction of energy costs

Heat pumps are also available as plug-and-play container solution.

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Heat pumps heat and cool efficiently

Heat pumps use the freely available heat from the ground, the air or the groundwater and are therefore an economical and energy-efficient solution to cover your heating and cooling needs.
The requirements for heat pumps for the private sector are fundamentally different from those for commercial or industrial purposes. ENGIE Kältetechnik offers off-the shelf solutions as well as tailor-made heat pumps, e.g. with a gas fired engine.

High temperature heat pumps are an ideal solution if you need higher temperatures, e.g. for demanding cleaning processes or pasteurisation.

A special benefit: ENGIE heat pumps can also actively cool in summer. In combination with our air conditioning units, very economical combined heating and cooling systems can be realized.

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