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With ENGIE energy monitoring and performance system you gain insight into your energy managment. 

Your guide to the energy-efficient building 

The term "ENGIE MAPS" (Monitoring-Alarming-Performance-System) combines possibilities and services in the field of measuring data acquisition of energy and comfort parameters in your building. As a part of the ENGIE Operation Center, we can provide you with remote access to local measurement and control technology. Alarms from the existing measurement and control technology are pushed to external systems, and as a cloud application system, visualizations and mobile tools for energy consumption records are available.

Energy management
The energy management package makes your energy consumption transparent. It shows which systems are inefficient and where you can save energy and costs. The system handles energy monitoring and our energy specialists systematically analyze all data. The extensive data material is prepared for all relevant topics of your company such as energy, environment and costs. An individually designed dashboard allows you to analyze your energy consumption by yourself at any time.
In the form of energy reports, we provide you with the processed data with clear graphics. Fully automatic and tailored to your needs, this gives you an overview of your energy consumption.

The performance of the HVAC systems and of the building automation systems should be permanently monitored. We take care of monitoring including qualification of the events and intervention if necessary - around the clock. Supported by our alarming module, we remotely monitor events and alarms of your equipment. We verify the data according to a plan you have defined, report relevant events, and take the necessary actions to correct any malfunction as quickly as possible. This gives you the assurance that the performance of your systems is monitored completely and downtimes are kept short. You will also receive a simple annual statistics for all recorded alarms.

The multi-redundant server architecture divided by our system partner into two data centers in Switzerland guarantees maximum reliability and availability for all services and data. Fully automatic backups periodically back up the databases and, in the event of an error, enable the timely and complete recovery of all functions. The cloud always has the latest updates, and your performance grows with increasing storage and functional requirements of your customer projects.

Unter dem Begriff „ENGIE MAPS“ (Monitoring-Alarming-Performance-System) vereinen wir Möglichkeiten und Dienstleistungen im Bereich der Messdatenerfassung von Energie- und Komfortparametern in Ihrem Gebäude. Als Teil des ENGIE Operation Centers ermöglichen wir Ihnen damit z.B. den Fernzugriff auf lokale MSR-Komponenten. Alarme aus der vorhandenen MSR werden auf externe Systeme gepusht, und als Cloud-Applikation stehen Anlagen-Visualisierungen sowie mobile Tools zur Energieverbrauchserfassung zur Verfügung.