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Data centers

Security, availability and energy efficiency are the most important parameters when running a data center. At ENGIE the optimal design and management is not a paper study, we operate 30,000 square meters of ENGIE-owned data centers in Europe. Our experience and know-how are constantly used to optimize data centers, both for the construction and renovation of existing data centers.

ENGIE as prime contractor for technical building equipment

In the construction of data centers, planners, builders and operators face major challenges to ensure efficient operation. With the innovative Design & Build concept, ENGIE takes responsibility throughout the development of your data center. From conception through planning and construction to commissioning, our competent employees are at your disposal. This is how we guarantee planning and budget security as well as the highest availability of the data center.

PUE and efficiency guarantees

The economic and safe operation of energy-intensive buildings such as data centers is highly dependent on an energy-efficient design. But issues such as environmental and overall sustainability play an increasingly decisive role. ENGIE does not just increase the efficiency of your data center, but also guarantees certain efficiency parameters, such as PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) or kWh/m², well below the industry average.

Efficient cooling supply

A safe cooling supply ensures availability and protects sensitive electronic components against overheating. ENGIE offers one of the most reliable and energy-efficient chillers on the market with its in-house QUANTUM chiller. Optimum integration into the control technology concept of your data center is guaranteed. The use of modern technologies and free cooling optimize the operating costs.

Energy supply concepts

ENGIE is your reliable partner in energy supply. Our cooling-supply contracting implies that ENGIE invests in your refrigeration systems. In the design, planning and implementation of a sustainable and cost-optimized cooling supply is a central focus. ENGIE takes responsibility for the maintenance, servicing and optimization of the refrigeration system and charges you only for the delivered cooling.

You can also rely on ENGIE for your energy procurement. We offer you low-cost access to the most important power markets. Our energy experts support the development of a procurement strategy and its implementation.

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